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Video Blogs – The Internet Needs An Editor

Friday, May 19th, 2006

Hi, Netizens:

I’ve become fascinated (mabye a little obsessed) with the explosion of online video embodied in sites like and and their lesser competitors. And when I acquire an obsession, I want to share it. I found myself posting more and more video clips on my personal () and professional () blogs, so I said to myself, as , "Self, why don’t you just start a video blog?"

So, I did. is it.

I’m not quite sure exactly what the plan is, except to post videos that I like or find cool, interesting, or important in some way. I’m sure I’ll figure it out as I go along.

My fascination with the Internet video phenomenon is at least in part a professional interest. My company, based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Our services range from search engine friendly web site design, to search engine optimization and marketing, email and mobile marketing, blog marketing, online PR and search optimized press releases, to, now, Internet video marketing.

In short, you didn’t find accidentally; you found it because we did the marketing to make you aware of it. So, you know, if you need those services, I can hook you up. or call 651-221-1999.

Lastly, I accept advertising here so if you are interested, please do call me at the number above. Also, on occasion I will post some of my client’s video  at ; I’ll let you know, but if you can’t deal with it, well, find another video blog.

Videolicious.tvly yours,
David Erickson

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