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BBC Interview Blunder

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

A Pundit Is Born

columnist has (paid registration required) about , the–pardon the pun–guy who stumbled  into a live interview on the venerable . They had mistaken Goma for a trademark expert they had scheduled to punditize on the verdict.

Tierney likens Goma to a latter day Chance, the illiterate gardner who stumbles into media stardom in ‘s brilliant film (based on the novel–who also wrote , a must-read on my list).

Tierney uses the BBC blooper as an opportunity to illustrate the absurd depths of laziness to which television news has fallen:

His [Goma’s] performance made it clear that television networks have been wasting
money on professional commentators. Why not give everyone their 15 minutes of
punditry? The only preparation the masses need is a video of Goma’s debut
(available on the BBC Web site).

It’s a master class demonstrating the first principle of talking heads: Don’t
let the facts get in the way of an opinion. The less you know, the more forceful
you can be.

The BBC video, of course, is hilarious because you can see Goma’s initial horror at what he had stumbled into and then his growing confidence as he rolls with it:

: , .

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Pearl Jam – Life Wasted

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

has a new video out for their song that they’re offering for free download at their web site and , but it won’t be available after 5/24, so load up your iPod or PSP today. Cool song; cool video:

Pearl Jam @
Also watch their studio jam of Life Wasted @

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