Haditha – How To Make Terrorists

May 31st, 2006 by

The that the White House promises that all the details from the investigation into the Haditha killings will be made public. Yeah, well, I won’t hold my breath. Congressman is all over this story (via rawstory at YouTube):

Here’s another clip with Murtha but also includes coverage of the story, which provides better objectivity and more depth than American news, as far as I’m concerned (via mbryan at ):

This is an report on the attack that features a child survivor (via AbuMustafa at YouTube):

Here’s a BBC piece that interviews Iraqi war veterans about killing civilians (via whatdoesitmatter at YouTube):

Murtha’s right to be outraged and to demand accountability. Not only is this emphatically not what we, as a country, are supposed to be about, but incidents such as these put our troops in more danger because of the hatred and justifiable rage they create in Iraqis. Incidents such as these and Abu Ghraib create terrorists.

Then there’s this typical right-wing nutjob:

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