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Hurra Torpedo – Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

claims to be "the world’s leading kitchen appliance rock group," and, really, who can argue? rose to prominence on the strength of the following 1995 performance of Bonnie Tyler‘s . (The stirring of the pot at the beginning of the song–brilliant!)

Here’s another version; this time, with kids!

And that was a scence from the mockumentary movie which was sponsored by and is part of their viral marketing campaign for the . Here’s the trailer:

Hurra Torpedo on Monday, fifteen bucks at the door.

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Japanese Learn English Through Dancing, Hilariously

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

I saw this yesterday at . It is an absolutely hilarious clip from a Japanese TV show that teaches viewers assetive ("Leave me alone!"), defensive ("Don’t make fun of me") and even accusatory ("How dare you say such a thing to me!") English through dance moves. You’ll be singing along. Honestly. That’s all I knew about it until I searched for more info. at his blog TV In Japan : It’s from a 1992 show called that is currently re-running on Fuji TV. Zuiikin means "muscle." The clips were uploaded by , SkillfulAbbbot, at YouTube:

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