Japanese Learn English Through Dancing, Hilariously

June 15th, 2006 by

I saw this yesterday at . It is an absolutely hilarious clip from a Japanese TV show that teaches viewers assetive ("Leave me alone!"), defensive ("Don’t make fun of me") and even accusatory ("How dare you say such a thing to me!") English through dance moves. You’ll be singing along. Honestly. That’s all I knew about it until I searched for more info. at his blog TV In Japan : It’s from a 1992 show called that is currently re-running on Fuji TV. Zuiikin means "muscle." The clips were uploaded by , SkillfulAbbbot, at YouTube:

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  1. Gavin Says:


    Thanks for the links!

    Just wanted to let you know Abbot posted some more today that I’ve blogged about:


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