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Maybe evil kid movies are making a comeback. The remake of , , opens today, of course, on this 6th day of the 6th month of the 2006th year. Back in my day, children were not the intelligent, inventive and charming creatures you’d find in, say, a Harry Potter movie. When I was a child, we were definitely evil as films such as , The Omen, , and will attest. But who knows, perhaps the tide is turning…

This first 60 minute spot is from at :

This creepy trailer is from at :

This next one is from at :

Two observations on that clip: , the star of , plays Damien’s new nanny. Nice touch. And, though the tide may be turning in our attitude toward children, it appears motherhood is still sacrosanct. In the remake, ‘ character, Katherine Thorn, survives her fall over the balcony whereas in the original 1976 movie, ‘s character dies.

[CORRECTION 6/28/06: I just watched part of the original yesterday, toward the end, and saw the scene where the nanny pushed Lee Remick’s character from her hospital window where she had been recovering from her fall from the balcony. She dies from the hospital fall. I don’t know whether or not Julia Stiles’ character does the same in the remake, as I haven’t seen it yet. That’s what I get for relying on memory. My bad.]

This extended trailer (six minutes, ten seconds) from at shows a great deal more footage from the new film:

While I do think the remake looks like it will be pretty cool, I’m very skeptical that it can hold up to the original (with in the lead), even with the addition of modern special effects. has the original trailer at . Love the evil psychdelic mood music:

If you’re squeamish, you might wanna skip this one; it’s disturbing even now: The decapitation scene from the original courtesy of at . The first Hollywood decapitation scene ever, in fact:

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