NOVA: Curse of T. Rex

August 27th, 2006 by

In a modern-day version of the between and , NOVA presents , a documentary about a legal battle between a commercial fossil dealer, a local tribal council, the feds and scientists over a T Rex find. Here’s the description from Google Video:

It’s one of the biggest, baddest dinosaurs of them
all, and it last stalked the earth 65 million years ago. But down in
the South Dakota Badlands,
it’s still raising a ruckus. There, at the base of a cliff on a Sioux
reservation ranch, a commercial fossil dealer has made the discovery of
a lifetime: a magnificent Tyrannosaurus rex fossil- the finest ever
found. The problem is, everybody wants a piece of it: The tribal
council. The Feds. The rancher. The lawyers. The scientists. After a
surprise FBI raid, a battle for custody raged on.

The ferocious fossil–dubbed ‘Sue’–gets shut up in a warehouse, while her finders face a
criminal trial and possible lock-up themselves. Head out west and join
the forces rallying to free Sue. Who will claim this $5 million
treasure? Can scientist hope to compete with the profiteers? Are fossil
rustlers jeopardizing the effort to document rare ancient bones? Will
this case cause a crackdown on poachers–who have long fed museum
collections around the world?

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