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Aurora Borealis Video

Saturday, September 9th, 2006

You have never lived if you’ve never seen the , otherwise known as the . I have seen them several times but never as spectacularly as in or the following video.

The most impressive displays I’ve ever seen were as a kid at my home in New Brighton, Minnesota (a suburb of St. Paul), in the front yard. The first time, the Aurora Borealis appeared as flickering fingers of multi-colored light on the Northern horizon.

The second time I saw the Northern Lights there was no color but a lot of what looked like clouds streaking across the sky. I lay on my back and looked skyward and it was as if someone were holding candle beneath the earth and the smoke from the flame was being drawn upward around the globe and getting sucked into the heavens.

The third time I saw them was on a camping trip to the in Northern Minnesota. This time, it was also in black and white, or grey, as it were, and they manifested themselves as streaking clouds across the sky. You could throughout the entire display.

The last time I saw the Aurora Borealis was in Ely, Minnesota, at a friend’s cabin. They were similar to those I saw in the Boundary Waters but less spectacular and sans loons. A photographer friend was with and started taking pictures of them, for which we naturally proceded to give him a ton of grief, arguing that obviously, the photos weren’t going to turn out on this moonless night. We couldn’tve been more wrong. The photos were fabulous.

This video from at via includes some remarkable footage of actual Aurora Borealis and also provides a scientific explaination of the phenomenon: