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HBO’s The Wire – Season Three Recap

Monday, September 11th, 2006

is the shit. They have the ab-so-LUTE-ly best and most consistently best TV programming anywhere. From to and to, damn, you name it.., they have the most intelligently-written and best acted and directed shows on the small screen.

HBO’s cop drama, , began it’s fourth season last night. The Wire is as gritty as the best cop shows but adds generous helpings of urban realism with deft touches of City Hall politics. My only complaint is that it’s not shot in widescreen. A taste:

The Wire – Season Four Premier:

9/11 Conspiracies

Monday, September 11th, 2006

I have been fascinated with the fact that the 9/11 conspiracy theory documentary has for nearly a year been consistently among the 100 most popular videos on list. That’s quite an accomplishment for an online video an hour and a half in duration.

The fact that these conspiracy theories have gained such strong currency is more compelling evidence than the polling data of the extent to which the Bush Administration has lost the trust of the American people.

The , currently at number 22 of Google Video’s list, posits that the World Trade Center towers were deliberately brought down with controlled demolitions:

I don’t buy either of them; I just don’t think it’s possible in this day and age that you can successfully pull off a conspiracy so vast. My beliefs are more in line with the book :

I think the Bush Administration was going to have their war with Iraq come hell or highwater and truth be damned. So as Bush takes his victory laps today , I gag.

Perhaps it wouldn’t have been so bad had these hacks not been so colossally incompetent at everything they’ve touched. But when you are so consistently and without a hint of embarassment dishonest about and proven wrong on every topic, it should come as no surprise at all the people are more than willing to believe the worst about you.