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Night Of The Living Dead Movie

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

For me, this is the mother of all zombie movies: ‘s . The plot is simple: Radiation fallout from a downed satellite brings the dead back to life and the living must rekill them.

Released in , the film has been viewed as a critique of American society of the . Women are potrayed as hysterical and helpless, as they often were at the time. In the year that and were assasinated, the hero of the movie is a resourceful and heroic black man who is ultimately killed off by rednecks. Many have also seen it as commentary on the because of the similar imagery of grainy black and white newsreels, excessive carnage, search and destroy missions, and hoving helicopters.

All that escaped me when I first saw it on my friend’s VCR in the late . I just thought it was a great horror film (runs 1:35:40) Found at Hulu: