Audrey Hepburn Jams To AC/DC In Gap Ad

September 20th, 2006 by

Here’s a wonderful mashup of the Audrey Hepburn movie Funny Face and the AC/DC classic Back In Black for the most recent Gap commercial (from maddypb at YouTube):

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One Response to “Audrey Hepburn Jams To AC/DC In Gap Ad”

  1. Ari Says:

    As a huge Audrey fan I think she would have gotten a kick out of this ad, and I suppose if we asked her children they would agree. And so what if the Gap uses images of those that have gone on ahead; we all know that Audrey wore black in a classic manner that transcends the world in an infinite way (so why shouldn’t she?), so let the ad celebrate that moment in fashion when Audrey helped inspire a classic as timeless. I have personally worn the little black Gap pant since the last incarnation of them in the 90s; they have, and always will be, the classic woman’s best friend. Furthermore, as a former fashion buyer/junkie, the genius of putting together classic rock, classic pants, and classic Audrey creates an innovative advertisement in a time when TV ads rarely make clear what they are selling. The Gap should claim success for the ad, and hopefully find success at the cash register—basics good, trendy absurd! I’m hoping the Gap will return to the basics, adding an occassional twist of trend that spices up the wardrobe now and then. Maybe they should hire me to assist them with marketing ideas—I am pretty astute when it comes to predicting and manipulating what women want to see in an ad. ARI

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