Ganesha – Animation Of Hindu Diety Myth

October 3rd, 2006 by

This is some very cool animation. From the description:

Dancing elephants celebrate the Lord in this riveting animated film that builds to a crescendo of musical
bliss. This is an original work, which took seven months to create,
with 4,500 frames, all hand-drawn and colored by the artist

During , the last time devotees
get to see their beloved lord Ganesha is before immersion. But no one
knows what happens underwater. This film is a blend of fact, myth &
fantasy, which talks about the journey of an immersed image underwater.
All the immersed clay images, each one with innovative iconography, get
animated (indicating the presence of prana). Their energy and
merrymaking finally make the God himself appear, to collect prana from
all the images. This leaves inanimate clay objects, which quickly
dissolve into formlessness. This formless state of clay only lasts for
a short time, though. In next year’s festival the prana again regains
its iconic form. In this respect it replicates the cosmos itself.

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  1. Alli Says:

    Oooh this is a fantastic video! Thanks for scouting this one out for us! Ganesha has always been a favorite of mine- it is amazing to see him come alive!

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