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UPDATE: Unfortunately, the season one videos have been removed from Google Video. Here’s a search for Entourage on Google Video and here is HBO’s .

I think has absolutely the best original programs on television. Since they are not beholden to advertising revenue, they take chances on ideas that network and other cable channels would not touch.

Since they make their money from subscriptions, they need not worry much about offending either government censors or their own viewers. Finally, because of these freedoms, they are able to attract superb talent–writers, directors, and actors–to produce their shows. The happy result is the most entertaining and believable shows available.

HBO’s is just such an example. From HBO’s web site: Entourage is "comedy series executive produced by that takes a look at
the day-to-day life of Vincent (Vince) Chase, a hot young actor in
modern-day Hollywood, and his entourage."

The best character is Ari, Vince’s sleazy, high-powered agent. The show’s theme song is Jane’s Addiction, and each episode has a great soundtrack. The show features many celebrity guest stars who are woven into the plot as themselves.

Entourage is in it’s fourth season. , which apparently has distribution rights, has made season one available online. Here they are:


With his latest film "Head On" about to hit screens across the country, actor Vince Chase is living the player’s life in L.A. Along for the ride are his best friends (and now employees): Eric and Turtle, who grew up with him in Queens, and Vince’s brother, Johnny Drama.


"Head On" opens, but Variety tags Vince’s performance in the film as lackluster. Talking it over with Eric, Vince doesn’t seem to see the negative review as that big of a deal, but during a visit to Ari’s office, Ari tells Eric to not bring up negative reviews in the future.


Partying after a boxing match, Vince runs into Jimmy Kimmel, who immediately does his best to get Vince to commit to an appearance on his show the following night. Vince agrees, much to the chagrin of Shauna, who would rather see her client appear on Leno or Letterman.


The big day has arrived, and "Head On" is opening wide across the country, but Vince doesn’t seem to be too concerned about going to see the film. Instead, he makes plans to spend the big night hanging out with his boys.


Vince is dating a new girl, Fiona, and the rest of the crew are not happy about the new relationship. Fiona is an outspoken vegan, causing Vince to rearrange his routine to try and keep her happy. This doesn’t sit well with Turtle, Eric and Drama, who all see her as a potential Yoko Ono, ready to ruin Vince’s career… along with the sweet setup that they’ve established.


Vince is still dedicated to doing "Queens Boulevard," but Ari has yet to make that deal happen. Instead, the agent is pitching Vince on a myriad of other projects… a tact that’s wildly unsucessful. Vince and Eric don’t understand why Ari hasn’t gotten Vince on the project yet, and they begin to grow dissatisfied with his work. Complicating matters is rival agent Josh Weinstein, who interjects himself into Vince’s life, and invites the boys to a beach party


Pre-production on "Queens Boulevard" is moving along nicely, and famed indie director Billy Walsh is tapped to helm the project. Vince takes an immediate liking to the freewheeling Walsh, but Eric has a few concerns. Tensions between E and Walsh grow, as Walsh continually refers to E as a "suit." Despite Eric’s concerns, it looks like Vince will give the partnership a greenlight — until Eric discovers that Walsh has added a scene to the film in which Vince will have a romantic liaison with another man.


Sick of being known as "Vince’s guy," Eric wants a title commensurate with his responsibilities. With his latest shoot taking him to New York for three months, Vince prepares to say goodbye to L.A.–as well as his many "special" girlfriends. Meanwhile, Drama debates taking either a high-paying TV role or a low-paying film gig, and Turtle stakes out a claim as Vince’s "farewell party" promoter.

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