Singin’ In The Rain Mashups

December 2nd, 2006 by

The song and the dance scene from the from whence it came have become cultural icons. And cultural icons are ripe for parody, satire, and immitation. I found this funny mashup of and at :

Last year, remixed Singin’ In The Rain for the hip hop era in an ad for the :

This is a citizen generated parody with…wait for iiiiiiiit…a twisted punchline at the end from at :

And, of course, there’s the infamous Singin’ In The Rain scene from ‘s . Be forewarned: This scene is not suitable for work or children; it contains violence, sexual content and nudity:

Finally, for comparison, here are the trailer for the 1952 musical upon which all of the foregoing is based, Singin’ In The Rain. The movie stars , and :

And here is the dance scene of Singin’ In The Rain, featuring Gene Kelly:

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