Ghost Recon 2: Advanced Warfighter Gameplay Video

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I’m on the last level of (GRAW) for the Xbox 360 and I’ll probably finish it tonight. Despite a lot of logical inconsistencies in the plot, such as it is, the game has been a blast and makes great use of the 360’s power both in terms of gameplay and graphics and sound. 

Now I’m eagerly looking forward to the release of the sequel, . Here’s some gameplay footage I found:

Controlling the MULE

New to GRAW 2 is the MULE, an unmanned and unarmed land vehicle that acts as both mobile cover and a weapons depot. You can command it to do recon because it has a video camera. And since it is also your weapons cache, you can use it to restock.

Cross-Com Demonstration

The Cross Com system is back, so you can communicate with headquarters and other other memebers of your team, as well as control vehicles:

UAV Demonstration

With your Cross Com, you can control the unmanned aerial vehicle:

Airstrike Gameplay

In addition to the Blackhawk helicopters you had at your command in GRAW, you also get jetfighters from which to command airstrikes in GRAW 2:

Helicopter Raid

The rail shooting helicopter parts were among the most fun of GRAW; they’re back with a vengance in GRAW 2:

The GRAW Ubisoft Wanted To Make

The first GRAW had to be completed and out the door in order to be available as a 360 launch title. GRAW 2 is the game would’ve made if they had more time to use the console’s processing power to full effect. Enemies will be smarter and use better tactics. Explosions are better and more realistic. There will be a real-time lighting system, so shadows will begin to affect gameplay. There will be a wind physics system, so, for example, smoke will dissapate more realistically or swirl in the wake of a helicopter’s blades. The Cross Com system is enhanced so that rather than seeing your teammate’s vision through a small picture-in-picture box, you can see what they’re seeing in full screen view. You can take full control of the UAV drone, too, so rather than telling it to go to a specific place, you can actually pilot it there.

These video clips don’t do the graphics justice. Check out , and, especially, .

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