Martin Luther King Jr. – I Have A Dream Speech

January 15th, 2007 by

giving his remarkable speech in Washington, DC on August 28, 1963. Found at YouTube from superjsuh.

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2 Responses to “Martin Luther King Jr. – I Have A Dream Speech”

  1. Jane Pickup Says:

    This is the third time today that I have come across reference to Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech indirectly via looking up info about Roger Waters of Pink Floyd – with whom I have had endless so called “coincidences” around.

    Do you share this “Dream”? I think it is a dream who’s time has definately come before we all kill ourselves and the planet before too long…Don’t know if these three You Tube link will work – but I’ll have a go!

    One of my “coincidences” has been in meeting an old chap called Karl Dallas through Bradford Stop The War (I found out several years after I met him that he had been a rock journalist years ago – knew Pink Floyd very well and written a book about them – but he sees no “connection” with my “coincidences”!!! I do however remember him speaking of singing “We Shall Overcome” at an anti-war protest….

    There must be some sense to all this somewhere – at the moment I feel like I am lost and alone – see “meaning” where noone else sees any – and seeing exactly where we are all headiing – but stuck, being driven along with all the lemmings and having no influence whatsoever..!
    (“I have a dream” project Daniel Stringer) (Roger Waters)

  2. Seven Videos For MLK Jr. Day | Daily Video Blog - Says:

    […] Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have A Dream Speech […]

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