Rudolph Giuliani In Drag

March 11th, 2007 by

Real Time With Bill Maher – Rudolph Giuliani In Drag

This is a clip from HBO’s from last Friday. and his panel discuss the remarkable fact that a man that likes to dress up as a woman is the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination.

Photo of Rudolph Giuliani In Drag

Sexy Lady Giuliani, originally uploaded by GIULIANI TIME.

According to the caption at Flickr, this photo with Donald Trump was taken at the Inner Circle press dinner in 2000.

Video Of Rudolph Giuliani In Drag

This is the video from that event from which the photo above was taken. It basically features Donald Trump sexually harassing Rudolph Giuliani:

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  1. Democrat Forever Says:

    At least SOMEONE has freedom of speech…. GAWD !!!

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