Darryl Stingley Dies At 55

April 6th, 2007 by

Former start New England Patriots wide receiver has died at 55 years of age. Stingley was hit viciously by of the Oakland Raiders in an exhibition season game in 1978. The hit paralyzed Stingley from the neck down. He was 26 years old at the time.

I remember the game and, being a fan, I had every reason to hate the Raiders. It was the very same Jack Tatum who had popped Vikings receiver ‘s helmet off the previous year in .

Tatum never apologized for the hit and, after his career was over, wrote a trilogy of best-selling books, They Call Me The Assassin, They Still Call Me The Assassin, and Final Confessions of NFL Assassin Jack Tatum.

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  1. Jimmie Nickerson Says:

    Actually, Jack Tatum tried to apologize to him when he attempted to visit Singley in the hospital. And if it makes anybody feel better Tatum ended up losing his right leg and all the toes on his left foot to diabetes.

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