Clinton, Inc. Vs. The Soporanos

June 23rd, 2007 by

The campaign pulled a clever but dubious move in producing a short video taking off from the final scene of finale for their announcement of the campaign theme song. The clip is clever because hitches on the wide popularity of a pop culture phenomenon that, because of the show’s finale, was garnering a ton of publicity. The clip is dubious because by using The Sopranos reference, Bill and Hillary are implicitly comparing themselves to an organized crime family.

This is the actual finale scene from The Sopranos:

And here’s the Clinton campaign’s take-off:

Not brilliant but sorta cute and it achieves what it’s supposed to do. And the spoof included some nice details, especially featuring , the actor who played New York boss Johnny Sack on the show. But ? Really?!? I know , but, I mean, it’s Celine Dion! She’s not just a Canadian, she’s a French Canadian. Did I mention it’s Celine Dion?

The ever culturally astute President seemed to admit in the video itself that was a lame campaign theme song by saying "My money’s on ." Sometimes democracy just ain’t that pretty:

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  1. Paul Levinson Says:

    The Hillary-Sopranos is hilarious … as was the Obama Girl … we’re living in a golden age of political marketing – much enjoyable than what we had even a year ago … Hillary-Sopranos v. Obama Girl…

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