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More Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Video

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

The yesterday during rush hour. The span of the bridge that collapsed reached from University to Washington Avenues, the entire stretch that spans the Mississippi. As a Twin Citian, this obviously hits close to home. No one I know has been effected, thankfully. I’ve driven over that bridge thousands of times.

In Minnesota, we’ve had Republican rule for some time, since the last election when Democrats gained control of the state legislature. A Democrat has not served as Governor since the 80s. For a decade, our leadership has had an adamantly anti-tax attitude; basically, no taxes for any reason. I’ve been for quite a while and at the end of the day, I’ve gotta think that we’re going to find out that this collapse is a result of our state leadership underfunding transportation. This is what happens when you starve government. As you can tell, I’m pissed.

Bush, the idiot, used his press conference about the tragedy for political purposes.

There’s a lot of , and I’ll be uploading what I think are the best and most diverse and informative of them. Check back often.

Local video blogger has posted some video he took shortly after the collapse depicting the chaos that ensued. You can .

CNN has .

Security Camera Footage Of The Actual Collapse:

Raw, Unedited Silent News Footage:

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison Talks About The Bridge Collapse On The Chamber Floor

WCCO Video Of The Immediate Aftermath Of The Bridge Collapse

Fox News Coverage

Local Coverage From KARE 11 TV

Citizen Generated Video Of The Bridge Collapse Aftermath

Cell Phone Video Of The Recovery Efforts For The Bridge Collapse, Evening

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Inside Iraq – The Untold Stories

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

From the Google Video description of :

"The war in Iraq has been showcased as both an example of American decisiveness and the catastrophic result of failed leadership. But beyond the debate, what is the reality of life on the ground? In December of 2003 traveler Mike Shiley felt compelled to find out for himself. Shiley, who is not a professionally trained journalist or filmmaker, managed to strike a deal with a local ABC-TV station to bring back stories about the troops in Iraq. Armed with a digital video camera and a home-made press pass, Mike Shiley chronicled a two month journey inside Iraq, interviewing American and Iraqi soldiers, talking to local citizens, and putting himself in situations of great personal risk."

Part 1 (24:49)

Part 2 (24:15)

Part 3 (33:53)