Frodo, Don’t Wear The Ring – Music Video

August 28th, 2007 by

I know before, but this is so good I couldn’t let it pass without comment. One of the best things about the show is that they get the details right. In this scene, they shoot a -themed music video for their song Frodo, Don’t Wear The Ring. The costumes, hairstyles and dialog exactly match those of the characters in the Lord of the Rings movies; even some of the special effects are the same.

The great thing about the songs in the series is the range of musical styles that are displayed. This one starts out with a esque acoustic guitar, morphs into heavy metal for a bit, then goes to hip hop. And, of course, .

Frodo, Don’t Wear The  Ring Mashup

This is crazy. Someone mashed up the song Frodo, Don’t Wear The Ring, with the actual Lord of the Rings movies.

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