Keala Kennelly Interview – Surfing, Acting & John From Cincinnati

August 16th, 2007 by

I had no idea who was until I started watching HBO’s . And even then, I just thought she was a good actress. I did not know she was a pro surfer.

I love listening to athletes talk about what their sport is like from their point of view, especially for those sports in which I’ve never participated. So I really enjoyed this interview where Kennelly talks about surfing, acting, and doing John From Cincinnati.

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One Response to “Keala Kennelly Interview – Surfing, Acting & John From Cincinnati”

  1. Reagan Anders Says:

    Hope she learns some sign language someday!! She’s awesome:) Wish I could communicate with her freely, but at least i’m glad that I met her in person recently.. Wish her a big luck for her dream to come true in being an actress…:)


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