Ted Nugent – Motor City Moron

August 31st, 2007 by

Brandishing A Machine Gun, Nugent Insults Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton

A colleague recently told me she saw in concert and that he was going off about how children should own machine guns and insulted and .

I’ve seen Nugent in concert back when he was good. He actually wrote some pretty kick-ass songs but after Cat Scratch Fever, he just phoned it in. Now all his songs sound a like and he throws tantrums on stage, to boot. So sad.

Here’s some cell phone video of the Motor City Mornon’s rant from a California concert. Work Warning: The video contains profanity and vulgarity.

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2 Responses to “Ted Nugent – Motor City Moron”

  1. kevin carroll Says:

    hello i am the guy who origially video taped the “ted nugent goes off on obama in california” rant seen on livelink. it was 8-22-07 at the feather falls indian casino in oroville,ca i posteded it on youtupe.com the following night under the youtube username KEVDOGEDOG if you get a chance look it up and see the companion video clips i posted there (1 where he welcomes the troop and states hes in oroville,ca). it was then upload to liveleak.com by another person and then it made the rounds onthe web and tv. i saw ted talking to glenn beck last night on hnn cable channel i just want to make sure people know when the clip was shot and by who. anyway thank you for your time i did enjoy looking at yur website today.

    kevin carroll

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ted Nugent Rocks and he speaks the truth. His music is awsome and he should run for president. He is far from being a moron, he is only out to provie his point.

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