101 Ways To Defend Yourself

December 9th, 2007 by

This video might not show 101 ways to defend yourself, but it does show a lot of ways; I was just too lazy to count them all. This appears to be a viral video to promote tasers, as the URL at the end points to . The video features "the toughest guy in the world," demonstrating many close-combat moves that will help you defend yourself against both armed and non-armed assaults. You never know:

Should you find yourself faced with an assailant wielding a lethal fruit, you’ll need to watch this sketch on how to defend yourself against fruit:

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One Response to “101 Ways To Defend Yourself”

  1. Ted Truscott Says:

    Wooo, how macho!

    No “how to” teaching here, just another ad for another martial arts system for the young and studly.

    Let’s all practice fantasy moves against fantasy attacks, Ok? By the numbers now…

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