Spider Pig On The Wing

December 13th, 2007 by

came out on DVD yesterday and to promote the disc release, they raised the Spider Pig from the movie above the in London, the setting for the cover art of one of my favorite albums, ‘s 1977 release, :

The album included three "pig" songs, , Pigs On The Wing 2, and . This is the cover art with the floating pig above the station:

Pigs On The Wing - Pink Floyd Cover - Battlesea Power Station

This is a news report about the movie publicity stunt:

Here’s the Spider Pig scene from the movie:

And this is the Spider Pig song from The Simpsons Movie with footage of the raising of the pig:

This is a music video for Pigs On The Wing 1 & 2 featuring footage of the raising of the pig:

Finally, this is a nice mashup of Hallmark Entertainment’s and Pigs (Three Different Ones). The bass lines are fantastic in this song!:

And now you have all the context!

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