The Best Of Jaywalking – Final Jay Leno Tonight Show

June 2nd, 2009 by

The best of ‘s feature “Jaywalking,” where Leno asks “the man on the street” questions regarding current or historical events.

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5 Responses to “The Best Of Jaywalking – Final Jay Leno Tonight Show”

  1. Actually, Bill Maher — you’re part of the problem « The Lore of Attraction Says:

    […] having recently watched the Best of Jaywalking (Jay Leno’s similar take on how stupid Americans are) — during which time I sat mostly […]

  2. Monday Cab Fun | Dueling Barstools Says:

    […] a video camera, record our conversations, and send in the really dumb ones to Jay Leno for his Jaywalking (watch that clip, btw). Hey, Leno could use a ratings boost. What’s certain about USA Freedom […]

  3. We Don’t Know Squat « Journeys Says:

    […] losing their grasp on the basics of Christian beliefs. I’m talking really basic. Jay Leno, in his Man on the Street interviews, elicited hilarious answers with a painful afterburn. You mean people don’t know these things? […]

  4. What If Hollywood Produced The Democratic Convention? | WBUR Says:

    […] cameras could leave the building. On his TV show, Jay Leno interviews average people on the street about things they should know. Jay: “Who was the first man on the Moon?” Person: […]

  5. tt_tiara Says:

    Do these Jaywalking interviewees get their understanding of the world from television?

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