Texting + Walking = Sewer Bath

July 13th, 2009 by

A teenage girl takes a plunge into the sewer while texting and walking down a sidewalk where a sewer manhole was left uncovered with no warning signs. Found at YouTube.

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One Response to “Texting + Walking = Sewer Bath”

  1. Joe Says:

    You know its funny, there are alot of disabled blind people out there, that would love a pair healthy seeing eyes, just so they could get around with out assistance of people and animals. And yet this teen and her mother think eyes are made for texting and not paying attention to thier surroundings. They feel they are entitled, to money because her daughter is not using her primary senses in the way they should be used. Why are stupid people being rewarded for thier own stupidity. Her mother should be thankful her daughter wasnt hit by a car or a bus because shes so busy texting. Maybe if this was a good mother and not so interested on how much she can now leech from society for her daughter`s stupidity, she would have a good long talk with her daughter about paying attention. What if her daughter had stepped on a small child because of texting. What happens when this oblivious and self entitled teen starts driving and texting at the same time. There is no lesson being learnt here, only a grab for societies money

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