Sorta Celebrity Death Match: Madonna vs. Lady Gaga

December 12th, 2010 by

Madonna and Lady Gaga face off for a bloody showdown. Found at YouTube from d11btv.

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3 Responses to “Sorta Celebrity Death Match: Madonna vs. Lady Gaga”

  1. Madonna0223 Says:

    As a Madonna fan in her early 30’s, I also can’t help comparing the two individuals. Lady Gag is remake of Madonna and even uses Madonna’s tricks to make herself famous. There is nothing wrong with that bc Madonna paved that road for other female stars to follow.I am 99.8% sure that Lady Gaga will disappear is a few years. No one can replace the Queen of Pop especially given that the music industry has been changed drastically, and companies are not pumping the same money into new stars. Why would they? Records don’t sell like they used to. As a sociologist, let me say one thing, part of the reason taht there will never be another Beatles, Madonna, Elvis, Michael Jackson…. the industry is not as strong and investment in a global artist is riskier like they once did for these titans. So now, itunes sales are the big thing but that is minimal in comparison to album sales. Without this music machine to back a star, the re-emergence of big stars with big and long careers has become minimal. That is exactly what we have seen since the last 15 years. Our stars of today are even more “flashes in the pan” then previous eras. Once the technology and availablity changed, so did our consumption patterns. We have seen enough time pass tostart seeing the way things will probably be. And if you were to compare young madonna to lady gaga, there is NO competition. Madonna sold 19 million from 1 album. Her 2006 Confessions album sold 12 million album. (Same as Gaga’s Fame). She was 47!!!! Lets see Gaga pull that one in 23 yrs. The rest range from 3-12 million per album, even at her worst. Gaga… 12?? Impressive but not Madonna impressive. Reminder: Lady Gaga might be hot right now, but so was Britney spears, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilar. They were the next Madonna but we got bored of them, just as we will get over Gaga once her time is up. Don’t get me started on her hits. Not even Elvis has more top 10 hits. Gaga…chuckle. Please little monsters. Here are the stats: According to Billboard magazine, Most top 10 singles: Madonna (37); Elvis Presley (36); The Beatles (29); Michael Jackson (28); Elton John (27) (tie); Janet Jackson (27); Mariah Carey (27) ; Stevie Wonder (27). Gaga won’t even be able to be in this class of people, let alone woman enough to stand up to Madonna’s historic dominance. I don’t care that she is a lovely older lady, she is important and made the music survival of the other women on this list easier. RESPECT.

  2. Spinshady Says:

    Madonna and Michael Jackson benefited heavily from a little 24 hour music channel called MTV that told people what to like, I’m a little older than you and remember watching the Buggles “Video Killed the Radio Star” when it first aired on MTV. If I had to hazard a guess, you were not even alive. As a sociologist you must recognize the role played by this medium. I love Madonna, and I have no idea if Gaga will reach her level of fame, but I state with confidence that Gaga is immensely more talented. Whether that is enough in this digital day and age, nobody knows. Perhaps with should crown Madonna the Analog Diva and Gaga the Digital Diva, for otherwise is to compare apples and oranges.

  3. Gork77 Says:

    Nobody can reach Britney and Madonna’s success level.. Both are the queens and others suck…

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