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Rashomon – Full Length Film

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

is ‘s classic film that recounts the tale of a wealthy 12th-century Japanese merchant and his wife who are ambushed by a famous bandit. The bandit rapes the wife and kills the husband. The film presents the  crime from four separate points-of-view–that of the bandit, the wife, the dead man, and a lowly peasant–with each character offering a vastly differing version of the same story. The film was released in 1950 and runs 87:54:

Biography Of Jackie Robinson

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

, a movie download service, has posted the 1950 movie at Google Video. plays himself in this biopic of his life and his career as a star to his historic role as the first black man to play for a team. The movie was made a mere three years after Robinson broke the color barrier, so the civil rights issues that make his role in baseball’s integration historic and the virulent prejudice he faced are given short shrift in the film.

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