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A Scanner Darkly Trailer/Interviews

Monday, July 17th, 2006

I saw Richard Linklater‘s at on Saturday, the only place it was playing in the Twin Cities. Very odd. Anyway, it was fantastic. I loved the and the story is still sinking in; during the film, you’re always trying to keep up with what’s going on because the plot is a bit serpentine. I’m going to finally have to start reading ‘s stories, considering I loved and as well.

, , and our own Minnesota girl turn in very good performances. is fantastic in the film; it looks like he did a lot of ad-libbing. Check out this hilarious scene (from NicktheTaurus at YouTube):

is solid enough but it always is a bit distracting that he occasionally slips into a impression. He sounded a lot like Eastwood in as well, but there was a certain logic to that because the movie had a Dirty Harryesque veteran/rookie cop dynamic going through it. You can see his Eastwood impersonation in this clip:

A Scanner Darkly Trailer:

Interview with Winona Ryder:

Interview with Keanu Reeves and director, :

Interview with Rory Cochrane:

Here’s an , the . and from silverhawk at YouTube.

Finally, IGN has posted .

A Scanner Darkly is one of those films I’ll get for my DVD collection. But if you’re not a member in good standing of the Widescreen, High-Definition Community, I’d suggest you go see it. Now.

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