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Syd Barrett Trips Out At His Accountant’s Office

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

This is a hilarious Flash animation from the folks at imagining what a trip to the accountant might be like for the late founder, . They nailed it perfectly, especially the songs, which :

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Waking Life Clips

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

I had a chance to watch ‘s animated film the other day. Though I and I felt the film was oddly compelling, it felt tedious too. The movie is basically about the main character running into one person after another, all of whom espouse their various world views to him, be it about…

The Dreamers

Or Buddhist Philosophy

Language, Evolution, Nothing New & Time

I stuck with the movie because of the animation and frankly because it
was different, but the philosophizing began to wear on me. I was like,
where’s the action? In the following scene, the main character is hit by a car and it introduces the theme of the movie, dreams within dreams. I thought, yeah, these these whoa! concepts is the kind of stuff you’d talk about if you were stoned.

And it struck me: Of course! This movie was designed to be watched while on acid. Seriously. The shifting colors and backgrounds, the philosophical parade, even the score lent themselves to the creation of a "freak out" movie. After I figured that out, I could watch the rest of the film with fascination rather than tedium:

Government Conspiracy

Conservative radio talk show personality and conspiracy theorist rants:

Dreams As Reality

Lucid Dreams

Dream Is Destiny


Free Will

Abundance Of Life


Self Destructive Man



Timothy Leary Died Today

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Well, he died on May 31, 1996. I didn’t mean he died again. So, on the anniversary of ‘s death, I give you this documentary on LSD in four parts by filmmaker that gives you a pretty good history of the drug (found at ). After that is a short clip of some British troops who were used as Guinea pigs for experiments (from pyrodemon13 at ):

Finally, I found this of an interview with, I believe but am not certain, , who was one of Timothy Leary’s co-authors for the book . In the interview, he talks about his LSD experiences with Leary as well as the book:

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