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Bert Blyleven Drops F-Bomb

Monday, September 4th, 2006

I like Bert Blyleven. He was one of my favorite Twins players as a kid. It’s a crime he’s not in the Hall of Fame. But while Bert is waiting for the call from the Hall, he’s biding his time as a color commentator for the Minnesota Twins. Unfortunately, Bert let slip a couple of F-bombs on air before the Twins/Yankees game on September 3. He thought they were rehearsing and didn’t realize the camera was live. He’s been suspended for a couple of days. Oops! From bertblylevenswears at YouTube:

Understandably, neither Fox, which aired the broadcast, nor the Twins are too happy about the language malfunction–nor should they be–but Blyleven immediately and profusely apologized. I hope he gets a break because he provides great color commentary, though sometimes it may run a little blue.

UPDATE: If the video has been removed, here’s a Google Video search for Bert Blyleven.