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Wrangler Open Fly Jeans – SNL Brett Favre Commercial Parody

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

This Saturday Night Live parody Wranglers “Open Fly” commercial just doomed Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre‘s relationship with the company. Found at

Top 20 Super Bowl XLIV 2010 Commercials

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Snickers: Betty White & Abe Vigoda Play Football

You’re not you when you’re hungry. Watch the new Snickers commercial as seen on the Super Bowl to see who you could become. Maybe it’s Betty White. Maybe it’s Abe Vigoda. Found at YouTube from SnickersBrand.

Bud Light: Voicebox T-Pain

If you could only do this all the time! Found at YouTube from TopSuperBowlAds.

E*TRADE Baby: Girlfriend

The E*TRADE Baby talks to his Girlfriend about the importance of building a diversified portfolio with E*TRADE’s online tools but she wonders what else he’s been up to. Found at YouTube from etrade.

Coke: Hard Times – The Simpsons

After losing his fortune, greedy billionaire C. Montgomery Burns learns to appreciate the simple things in life. Found at YouTube from cocacola.

Hundai Sonata: Brett Favre 2020

The Sonata is reliable, so reliable you can count on it 10 years from now. Found at YouTube from HMAUSA.

Dr. Pepper Cherry: KISS

Dr Pepper Cherry and Dr Love re-unite to show the world just how smooth a Little Kiss of cherry is. Trust me, I’m a Dr. Found at YouTube from drpeppervideos.


VIZIO commercial features Beyonce, the Twitter bird, and Internet sensations Chocolate Rain, Numa Numa, and David After the Dentist. Found at YouTube from VizioVia.

TruTV: Punxsutawney Polamalu

Meet Punxsutawney Polamalu! Found at YouTube from truTVnetwork.

David Letterman: Worst Super Bowl Party Ever (featuring Jay Leno & Oprah Winfree)

The worst Super Bowl party ever? Watch Dave, Oprah and Jay in this super commercial. Found at YouTube from CBS.

HomeAway: Hotel Hell Vacation Spoof With Chevy Chase

preview of Clark and Ellen’s latest quest for the perfect vacation. Found at YouTube from homeawayvacation.

Intel: Lunch Room

No love for Jeffrey the Robot. Found at YouTube from channelintel.

Teleflora: Flowers In A Box

The Talking Flowers return to prove why you don’t want to send Valentines Day flowers in a box. Found at YouTube from TelefloraFlowers.

Google: Parisian Love

An American finds love in Paris. Found at YouTube from SearchStories.

Boost Mobile: 2010 Super Bowl Shuffle

he Boys Are Back: 25 years later, McMahon, Singletary, Dent, Otis, Speedy Willie, Fuller and Buford take to the stage again. Directed by Tim and Eric with a cameo by Coach Ditka. The Shufllin Crew returns. Found at YouTube from boostmobile.

Audi 2010: Green Police

Watch the Audi commercial featuring Cheap Trick, the Green Police, and the Audi A3 TDI® clean diesel. Found at YouTube from greenpolice.

Bridgestone: Your Tires Or Your Life

Bridgestone takes you on a journey to a future world. A wet, desperate world where absolutely nothing is more valuable than a great set of high-performance tires. Found at YouTube from BridgestoneSuperBowl.

VW: PunchDub With Stevie Wonder

You know the game every time you see a VW drive by, you punch a friend. Now, with 13 VW models, the game just got a whole lot better. Introducing PunchDub the game. Its never been easier to reach out and punch someone. Found at YouTube from volkswagen.

Emerald Nuts & Pop Secret: Let’s Get Aquatic

Awesome + Awesome = Awesomer. Found at YouTube from LetsGetAquatic.

2010 Census: Pre-Production Meeting

The 3 most important words when trying to take a snapshot of 300 million people? Location, location, location. Found at YouTube from paytonschlewitt. Casual Fridays

Love Casual Fridays? You might not if you worked here. Found at YouTube from CareerBuilder.

Brett Favre Sings Pants On The Ground

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Quarterback Brett Favre sings Pants On The Ground in Minnesota Vikings locker room after defeating the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Divisional Playoff game, 34-3. Found at YouTube from PantsOnTheGround.

Brett Favre Sears Blue Crew Outtakes

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Exclusive behind the scenes footage as films a commercial with his new team, the Sears Blue Electronics Crew. Found at YouTube from Sears.

The Brett Favre System – ESPN SportsCenter Promo

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

This is a promo currently running on ESPN for SportsCenter, making fun of Brett Favre‘s un/retirements. Found at YouTube from ESPN.

Brett Favre Highlights

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

I didn’t expect him to stay retired and I did expect him to sign with the Vikings and I thought he’d wait till training camp was over.  I was right. Brett Favre is in the Twin Cities right now and is expected to be wearing purple (or red) and practicing at Winter Park this afternoon.  We Super Bowl bound, baby!

Highlights of Brett Favre’s 2007 Season