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The Butterfly Dragon – Animated Short

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

The Butterfly Dragon is an animated short from COFA student Sushan Yue, winner of the Wacom Award for best 2D work at the 2010 COFA Annual Awards. Found at YouTube from UNSW.

SAT Vocabulary Words

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

What are the most common vocabulary words on SAT tests? Found at Yahoo!.

Real-Life Quidditch

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Inspired by the famous “Harry Potter” book and film series, Quidditch is the newest sport to sweep the UCLA campus and the rest of the world. UCLA is actively involved in the International Quidditch Association’s Western Regional Division. Found at YouTube from UCLA.


Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Let this be a lesson to all kids. Found at CollegeHumor from x.

Avoid The Freshman 15

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Freshman year at collegeā€”a time of so many firsts. Don’t make gaining the stereotypical 15 pounds one of them. Found at YouTube from Howcast.

Don Draper’s College Orientation

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

The only ice he breaks is the ice he puts in his scotch. Found at CollegeHumor.