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Jesse Ventura On George W. Bush & Dick Cheney

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Jesse Venture on Larry King Live, Part 1

Jesse Venture on Larry King Live, Part 2

Bush Sings At The Gridiron Club

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

This is our president singing at with the lyrics rewritten to make light of and obstructing justice, of infamy, among other aspects of his disastrous presidency. This is hardly surprising but perhaps the most revealing thing about the video is the Inside the Beltway journalists having such a grand time and laughing over the epic misfortunes has inflicted on the American people. These are the people we entrust to provide a check on power in our society.

Dick Fiction

Friday, March 30th, 2007

This is a hilarious mashup of the hunting "mishap" and ‘s . It’s hilarious because the actors in the parody have nailed the mannerisms of the actors in the actual film. Work Waring: There is a lot of profanity in this clip. 

Pulp Fiction – Marvin Gets Shot

This is the scene of the film upon which the parody is based. Warning: A lot of profanity and graphic violence.

Who Killed the Electric Car? Trailer

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

I love my but at $3.30 a gallon and , an electric vehicle has a hell of a lot of appeal. But apparently I can’t get one because . Literally shredded them. . I’m just sayin: Entrust the nation’s energy policy to a bunch of oilmen, and they tell you doesn’t exist (who, apparently, ) behind closed doors.