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We Didn’t Start The Fire Video Explained With Facts

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

This is a wonderful educational video done by "Mr. Allsop" that mashes up ‘s song We Didn’t Start The Fire with the historical images and video that accompany the lyrics. The video has also has that includes educational links that explain every historical reference in the song.

This is the actual music video for the song:

Learn To Count To 12!

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Not 10…12. What is this, some kind of metric backlash? As a kid, I remember when they tried to teach us and everyone was like, whatever. It never took hold because we never had to use it. I vaguely remember some controversy over it back then.

Perhaps this children’s educational piece was a result of that controversy. I found it at the  defunct blog and they attribute it to but I think it has much more of look to it. The psychedelic animation is very much in .

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