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Sony Bravia Commercial

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

Remember that wonderful 2005 ad for display featuring 250,000 brightly-colored superballs bouncing through the streets of San Francisco? A follow-up Bravia commercial is in the works, judging from these citizen generated video clips take in Glasgow:

From clyderidesagain at (via –see QT version here):

And, from JasperNewton1986 at YouTube (sorry it’s sideways, but I didn’t take it):

Here is the original Sony Bravia commercial, with cinematography by Danish diretor Nicolai Fuglsig and set to the song by . (Download the high-def QT version.):

Here’s a seven minute "Making Of" the Bravia commercial I found at :

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and as such, the original Sony Bravia commercial has reached some degree of pop culture prestige, as measured by it’s imitators. Here’s a great Battlefield 2 video game mashup featuring that same Heartbeats song but this time, set to the visual of bouncing soldiers (found at YouTube):

Finally, the following parody of the Bravia ad ran this year for the soft drink :