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Best Super Bowl XLI Commercial

Monday, February 5th, 2007

I was greatly disappointed with the Super Bowl ads this year; most of them were pretty lame. The best one by far was ‘s , but that was online at least as early as last summer, so it can’t qualify among the best.

For me, then, that leaves only ‘s mouse ad as the best commercial to air. I’m not a fan of Blockbuster, but I have to admit laughing at their commercial:

The most effective ad, however, I’d have to give to for their Ultraman commercial. It takes the frustration most everyone has experienced with maps and demonstrates, in funny fashion, how their product alleviates that frustration:

GM’s  Car Wash Dudes

Finally, ‘s Car Wash Dudes ad was significant for two reasons: It was targeted specifically at women by taking the hot chicks washing a car cliche and turning it on it’s head; and the ad was created by an 18 year old female college student. That makes the ad one of the first "citizen generated media" ads to air during the Super Bowl: