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Baby Crocodiles Learn To Hunt

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Fathers can also protect the young among mugger crocodiles in Sri Lanka. And while Dad has their backs, it doesn’t take long for the baby crocs to catch a small frog for a meal. Found at YouTube from NationalGeographic.

Polar Bear Stalks Seal

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Gripping footage showing an intelligent polar bear carefully stalking a seal in the hope of making it his next meal. Found at YouTube from BBC.

How To Steal From Lions

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Dorobo men cut and butcher an already dead wildebeest before taking it away right under the noses of a pride of lions. Found at YouTube from BBC.

Cute Owl Hunts Invisible Prey

Friday, November 5th, 2010

The owl knows what it’s hunting but it appears to be all in his mind. Found at YouTube from Veloziraptorex.