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November 30th Solution – Eugene McCarthy Commemmoration Video

Friday, November 30th, 2007

This is a video commemorating the 40th anniversary of former Minnesota Senator ‘s announcement that he would run for president as an anti-Vietnam War candidate. McCarthy’s opposition was a major force in the anti-war movement of the 1960s. The video contrasts McCarthy’s opposition to that war with our current situation in Iraq and asks who will be our next Gene McCarthy.

The video and were produced by Vance Opperman, the man who led the 1968 McCarthy campaign on the U of M campus. I created the web site.

Men In Black – Animation From My War: Killing Time In Iraq

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Artist created drawings to the segment taken from by U.S. Army Specialist , winner of the , an award for best book that .

Inside Iraq – The Untold Stories

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

From the Google Video description of :

"The war in Iraq has been showcased as both an example of American decisiveness and the catastrophic result of failed leadership. But beyond the debate, what is the reality of life on the ground? In December of 2003 traveler Mike Shiley felt compelled to find out for himself. Shiley, who is not a professionally trained journalist or filmmaker, managed to strike a deal with a local ABC-TV station to bring back stories about the troops in Iraq. Armed with a digital video camera and a home-made press pass, Mike Shiley chronicled a two month journey inside Iraq, interviewing American and Iraqi soldiers, talking to local citizens, and putting himself in situations of great personal risk."

Part 1 (24:49)

Part 2 (24:15)

Part 3 (33:53)

2007 State Of The Union Address & Democratic Response

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

Someone finally posted a version of ‘s State of the Union address online that was actually playable. So here it is. The thing that struck me the most was Vice President ‘s body language when the President was talking about energy policy and reducing our dependence on oil through an increased use of renewable and environmentally-friendly energy and stronger fuel efficiency standards. (.) The former CEO of and the architect of the Administration’s closed-door, oil-industry-only energy policy, appears to be just seething amidst all this talk of renewables and fuel standards:

Democratic Response

The Democrats wisely chose freshman Senator to repsond to the President’s speech. Webb is a Vietnam vet and former Navy secretary under and has  a son fighting in Iraq. He ousted from his Virginia Senate seat by running as an economic populist and an Iraq War critic. Webb criticized the President’s leadership on both the economy and on the Iraq War. It is by far the most effective State of the Union rebuttal I’ve ever watched:

Memorial Day Video

Monday, May 29th, 2006

When I went searching for some appropriate video at and , all I really found were vacation videos of people’s Memorial Day weekends or Support Our Troops! tributes as if there’s someone out there who does not support them. What I didn’t find was any Memorial Day video that did justice to the holiday.

But then I thought will have something and of course it did. The thing that IFILM does better than any other video sharing/search site is they know how to categorize. Their Channels make finding video by theme simple. And one of the best things about the site is their with  conflict-specific video and, best of all, their with clips taken by our current troops.

They include the hilarious Iraqi Olympics…

And the horrific experiences of the Deuce Four unit ():

This is a trailer for an documentary called directed by John Hulme about his father Lieutenant Jack Hulme, a Marine who days before he was to depart to see his newborn son, was killed in Vietnam:

No Memorial Day would be complete without a reading of the most profound and transformative memorial to the war dead in our nation’s history, ‘s (read the Pulitzer Prize winning by for an analysis and history of the speech). Found  at from  :

Finally, as , US Army Band, on a B-flat Bach Stradivarius field trumpet.

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