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How To Write A Joke By Jerry Seinfeld [VIDEO]

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld explains how to write a joke. Found at YouTube from TheNewYorkTimes.

Jerry Seinfeld & Superman Commercials

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

Jerry Seinfeld & SupermanI remember finding these “Webisodes” online back when launched this campaign in 2004. I love animation and I was a big fan, so it’s no surprise I’d like them.

The concept is simple, clever, and natural: Chronicle the friendship between the Man of Steel and the comedian with a plot that revolves around the American Express credit card. A simple idea, cleverly executed. The pairing is a natural because, , the superhero was “the only character apart from the regular cast who featured in every episode of Seinfeld, either by name or in pictures which featured on Jerry’s fridge, or a statue that sits on his shelf (next to the door to his bedroom/bathroom).”

The pairing of and the comedian actually began in 1998 when American Express aired the following commercial in January, 1998 during the NFL playoffs. The TV show had ended , so the timing of the commercial was perfect.

As I said, in 2004 American Express launched their “Webisodes” campaign with a special Web site (defunct: featuring short animated/live action movies of the two promoting the credit card. Superman was played by , who played the character on Seinfeld. The pieces were co-written by Seinfeld and and directed by Levinson. The animation was done by the Canadian digital media firm, , using technology.

The campaign was launched with an awareness campaign featuring two fifteen second teaser ads aired on television to promote the Web site. Both ads portrayed Superman trying to avoid answer phone calls from the , with Seinfeld covering for him. You can see them at , in the animation section.

This was followed by an earned media campaign with the duo being “interviewed” on ‘s and ‘s with :

The first “Webisode,” “A Uniform Used To Mean Something…” aired on May 13, 2004 durin the finale of NBC’s Fraiser and was seen by 25.4 million people. The Web site recorded four million visits per week during the first three weeks.

A Uniform Used To Mean Something…

Hindsight Is 20/20