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Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

I recently listened to this Fresh Air podcast of Terry Gross interviewing director Wes Anderson about his film Fantastic Mr. Fox. In the interview, Anderson discusses how the stop-motion animated film was made.

For an animation freak such as yours truly, it was fascinating and prompted me to add Fantastic Mr. Fox to the top of my Netflix cue. Here’s the trailer. Found at YouTube from FoxSearchlight.

A Behind The Scenes Look At Fantastic Mr. Fox

Found at YouTube from FoxSearchlight.

Fantastic Mr. Fox – The World of Roald Dahl

Found at YouTube from FoxSearchlight.

Julia & Julia Trailer

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Meryl Streep is Julia Child and Amy Adams is Julie Powell in writer-director Nora Ephrons adaptation of two bestselling memoirs: Powells Julie & Julia and My Life in France, by Julia Child with Alex Prudhomme. Based on two true stories, Julie & Julia intertwines the lives of two women who, though separated by time and space, are both at loose endsuntil they discover that with the right combination of passion, fearlessness and butter, anything is possible. Found at YouTube from FilmTrailersChannel.

Lions For Lambs Trailer

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

Two new films demonstrate that Hollywood is finally taking a critical look at American foreign policy. addresses our government’s practice of outsourcing torture by shipping suspects to countries that practice and condone torture.

addresses the selling of the "War on Terror."

Lions For Lambs Trailer

Rendition Trailer

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

In , a feature film about the US Government practice of , a CIA analyst based in Cairo finds his world spinning out of control
after he witnesses the interrogation of a foreign national by the
Egyptian secret police. The movie stars , , and and directed by  South African, .

Nancy & Ronald Reagan – Just Say Yes To Drugs

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

During the 80s, First Lady ‘s most high profile initiative was her to drugs campaign. It became such a part of the culture that it was memorialized in a dream sequence in the 1990 film .

Just Say No PSA

Crack cocaine is a highly addictive substance and its use reached epidemic proportions during the 80s. Entertainers were enlisted for PSAs against drugs. This public service announcement was by a music group named Turning Point. I’ve never heard of them and I wonder if anyone had heard of them at the time:

Stop The Madness Anti-Drug Music Video

This was a White House-sponsored anti-drug music video from the 80s that featured , , a pre-drugs , Nancy Reagan, , , , among others.

Just Say Yes Mashup

According to the description on IFILM, this clip is an "early example of found footage manipulation dates to 1988 and was written, directed and edited by Cliff Roth."

A Prairie Home Companion Trailers

Friday, June 9th, 2006

The film opens today. The movie, of course, was filmed here in St. Paul and is a fictionalization of the behind the scenes of ‘s radio show, . The movie stars Keillor himself as well as , , , , , , , , and .

This first trailer is from at :

This trailer is twice as long (from at ):

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