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Game 163: Last Play Of Minnesota Twins Vs. Detroit Tigers Tiebreaker – 10/6/09

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

This is a fan’s-eye-view of game 163 of the Minnesota Twins‘ and Detroit Tigers’ 2009 regular season. The two teams had fought to even records atop the American League’s central division, forcing a game 163 playoff to determine which team would go on to face the Yankees in the American League Divisional Series.

The tie-breaking game lasted 12 innings with dramatic twists and turns throughout the game but the Minnesota Twins finally secured the championship title for the Twins on the strength of an Alexi Casilla single that drove Carlos Gomez in for the winning run. Casilla, who entered the game in the 10th inning as a pinch runner, redeemed himself after a baserunning mistake that might have been the difference between winning the game then and there.

The Hubert H. Metrodome crowd erupts. Found at YouTube from cynsha.

Joe Mauer Steals Signs From Detroit Tigers

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Joe Mauer, MVP and Batting Champion candidate, tries to help the Minnesota Twins make the playoffs in a game against the Detroit Tigers on September 29, 2009. Found at YouTube from rolemodel2008.

Baseball Hitting Instruction Video By Joe Mauer & Paul Molitor

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

is a client. Now that I’ve gotten that disclosure out of the way, I can tell you about this video. This is a baseball batting instruction video that is included with the Quickswing product. The video features Minnesota Twins catcher and reigning American League Batting Champion, and Hall of Fame hitter and former Twin, .

The product is an ingenious device Mauer’s father invented to help his sons practice their swings indoors during Minnesota’s long winter months. It basically consists of two tubes welded together and attached to a tripod that allow a kid to drop a ball in the top and have enough time to prepare to hit the ball as it travels down the tubes and drops out the other side. The hitting instruction video is 14 minutes long:

Johan Santana Pitching Session

Friday, March 9th, 2007

This is a clip of Cy Young winner and ace pitcher during a pitching session shot from just over the shoulder of the catcher, so you can see his pitches as the batter might. The clip is :

Bert Blyleven Drops F-Bomb

Monday, September 4th, 2006

I like Bert Blyleven. He was one of my favorite Twins players as a kid. It’s a crime he’s not in the Hall of Fame. But while Bert is waiting for the call from the Hall, he’s biding his time as a color commentator for the Minnesota Twins. Unfortunately, Bert let slip a couple of F-bombs on air before the Twins/Yankees game on September 3. He thought they were rehearsing and didn’t realize the camera was live. He’s been suspended for a couple of days. Oops! From bertblylevenswears at YouTube:

Understandably, neither Fox, which aired the broadcast, nor the Twins are too happy about the language malfunction–nor should they be–but Blyleven immediately and profusely apologized. I hope he gets a break because he provides great color commentary, though sometimes it may run a little blue.

UPDATE: If the video has been removed, here’s a Google Video search for Bert Blyleven.

Minnesota Twin Jason Kubel Gets Heckled

Friday, June 16th, 2006

outfielder has come a long way, baby. He’s gone from the minors to the majors to the minors and back again and suffered the indignity of getting heckled by fans. Canadians! From jsap32 at YouTube:

So how do you silence the peanut gallery? You hit three home runs in three days, including . From fury683 at YouTube:

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