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Halo Director Neil Blomkamp Videos

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

The newly-crowned director of the upcoming video-game inspired movie, , has a bunch of stuff on YouTube–some short films and television commercials.

Alive In Joburg (from scisar at ):

Tempbot (from danipage at YouTube):

Yellow (from remisser at YouTube):

Tetra Vaal (from scisar at YouTube):

Neil Blomkamp Showreel (from boetieSA at YouTube):

Citroen Commercial (from scisar at YouTube):

Nike Commercial (from scisar at YouTube):

Nike Crab Commercial (from pixl8 at YouTube):

Gatorade Rain Volleyball Commercial (from scisar at YouTube):

Gatorade Rain Basketball Commercial Featuring Kevin Garnett (from pixl8 at YouTube):