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Psychedelic 60s Kids TV Shows

Saturday, March 10th, 2007

This is a great clip of the intros to several children’s television shows from the 1960s. I remember watching some of them on Saturday mornings during the seventies. The clip includes intros to the shows , , , ,
, and . All the shows were produced by .

Most of them are definitely drug-inspired. I mean, c’mon, ?!? Most of them set up the premise of the show with a song, a hilarious artifact of the sixties. And they take a lonnnnnng time to set up the show; my gawd, I don’t know how anyone had the patience! Much of the look of the shows as well as the premises are decidedly psychedelic. Lastly, the production values are…what you’d expect. The Land of the Lost’s production is, -worthy: