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Solar Eruptions

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Via Mashable: The recently launched Solar Dynamics Observatory has been taking some unique portraits of our solar companion using four telescopes looking at the sun in different wavelengths. The results are unusual and beautiful, fulfilling the mission’s goal of exploring “solar activity in unprecedented detail.”

A Prominence Eruption Observed By AIA

AIA caught this beautiful prominence eruption only a few days after its doors were opened. The movie wobbles at the end because AIA’s image stabilization system wasn’t fully activated yet. Without the full stabilization capability, AIA would not be able to see the Sun at such high resolution. The actual wobble was extremely small – imagine a period in a newspaper seen from 100 meters away. Now move that period over a couple of words. Found at YouTube from SDOmission2009.

High-Res Throughout The Sun’s Atmosphere – AIA & HMI

This movie captures only a fraction of SDO’s imaging capabilities. It shows the Sun’s magnetic field followed by only four of SDO’s 12 imaging wavebands. You’ll see an eruption, flare, and dimming (dark regions evacuated by the eruption) by observing the event in several different layers of the atmosphere. Why didn’t we show all 12 layers at full resolution? Because at high-res the movie would nearly a third of a gigabyte in size. Found at YouTube from SDOmission2009.

Many Different Views Of The Sun – HMI & AIA

This movie starts with a magnetogram from HMI and moves on to 7 different wavebands observed by AIA’s telescopes. AIA covers a wide range of temperatures and will answer important questions about the temperature and energy structure of the Sun’s atmosphere. Found at YouTube from SDOmission2009.