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The Real George Washington

Monday, February 15th, 2010

The discovery of the ruins of George Washington‘s childhood home reveals the man behind the myth. Found at YouTube from NationalGeographic.

President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech

Friday, December 11th, 2009

President Barack Obama’s entire Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech from Oslo, Norway. Found at YouTube from tpmtv.

Four-Year-Old Boy Recites Herb Brooks’ Miracle Pre-Game Speech

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Here’s a little kid reciting Herb Brooks‘ inspirational speech before the US Olympic hockey team before their game against the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympics. Found at YouTube from jsacco14.

This is the scene from the movie Miracle in which Brooks delivers the same speech to his team. Found at YouTube from murphystar1.

Al Franken Draws America

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Comedian and candidate for the currently-in-recount US Senate seat in Minnesota can draw a map of the United States in three minutes. He auctions them at fundraisers: